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City Rating

Purely subjective, here are my capital city ratings.

Don't die without visiting it!
Make a special trip to see it
Add to your Cities I Really Should Visit list
Worthy of a sizeable detour
Only if you're passing
Don't bother, even if you're passing

Country & CapitalDate VisitedCommentsRating
Aland Islands, Mariehamn13/07/2013A low rating but that's a bit unfair - it's a tiny dot of a place on a pretty island.
Albania, Tirana24/08/2012Potholes you could lose a man in.
Andorra, Andorra la Vella10/08/2011Massive climb but great views.
Austria, Vienna12/06/2011Yes, it's pretty but pretentious with it. Austria is the countryside.
Belarus, Minsk18/05/2013One of a kind, for lots of reasons. Really not what I expected. Go there!
Belgium, Brussels02/05/2011A fun day nearly ruined by a fish festival.
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo30/08/2012Atmosphere and scary modern history in a couple of square miles.
Bulgaria, Sofia14/08/2012Not spectacular but a lovely place to spend a day or three.
Channel Islands, St. Helier12/04/2011I keep getting lost!
Croatia, Zagreb08/09/2012Go see The Museum of Broken Relationships.
Cyprus, Nicosia13/07/2012Not much on the Turkish side.
Czech Republic, Prague30/05/2011What a beautifully atmospheric city!
Denmark, Copenhagen23/07/2013Attractive city on a swelteringly hot day.
Estonia, Tallinn20/06/2013A bit pretty-pretty but with some nice, dark corners.
Finland, Helsinki10/07/2013Maybe it caught me in a bad mood - the weather was minging - but I couldn't see much to get excited about.
France, Paris20/04/2011Beautiful, sunny ride in on cycle paths and relatively quiet roads.
Germany, Berlin18/05/2011Possibly the best five days of my life.
Gibraltar, Gibraltar04/09/2011Cycled up the Rock. A monkey attacked my tent.
Greece, Athens14/06/2012Hot and windy, and cheese-pied to death. Long weekend in Athens was fun.
Hungary, Budapest10/04/2013Not as funky as I remember it from back in the 90s.
Isle of Man, Douglas31/03/2011Not much of a surprise really.
Italy, Rome15/05/2012Stunning city; even better pizza.
Kosovo, Pristina18/08/2012Ugliness interestingly presented.
Latvia, Riga09/06/2013I think I didn't do it justice. The OU exam took over.
Liechtenstein, Vaduz07/07/2011Thoroughly pointless place.
Lithuania, Vilnius01/06/2013An unexpected, little beauty.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg City28/04/2011Minging weather improving as I entered this pretty, little city.
Macedonia, Skopje20/08/2012A modern, little Rome.
Malta, Valletta02/06/2012A surprisingly lovely few acres.
Moldova, Chisinau30/04/2013Not much there to be honest, including road signs.
Monaco, Monaco24/04/2012I even made it on to the telly.
Montenegro, Podgorica27/08/2012Pleasant, cafe-filled town.
Netherlands, Amsterdam06/05/2011It's all a bit mad!
Northern Ireland, Belfast13/08/2013Like Cardiff, the visit was too short to rate it but not much seemed to be going on.
Norway, Oslo19/07/2013Lots of construction work and a boringly modern waterfront but a pleasant place to spend a little while, as long as you don't have to buy anything - it's hellishly expensive.
Poland, Warsaw25/05/2013Some lovely spaces. I imagine this would be a nice place to live.
Portugal, Lisbon27/08/2011Great city, terrible roads. Potholes or cobbles, take your pick.
Republic of Ireland, Dublin11/08/2013A quick visit but I'd been here before and so I know it's a fun city to visit.
Romania, Bucharest23/04/2013A disappointment after some of Romania's other, lovelier cities.
San Marino, San Marino07/05/2012Slog up the hill but worth it for the views.
Scotland, Edinburgh14/08/2013Nice to see Edinburgh again, especially at Fringe time
Serbia, Belgrade03/09/2012A nice plateful of fried testicles.
Slovakia, Bratislava10/06/2011Sleeping on the river in a boatel.
Slovenia, Ljubljana11/09/2012The final capital of 2012 was a little beauty.
Spain, Madrid06/04/2012Wonderful weekend with The Lovely Nina but not in Spain's Top Ten cities.
Sweden, Stockholm13/07/2013A real treat. Nice to see a city use water so well.
Switzerland, Bern27/07/2011Small, but nice. Nice, and forgettable.
Turkey, Ankara23/07/2012It's no Istanbul but it's worth a look.
Ukraine, Kiev10/05/2013Missing the wow factor but plenty of nice churches.
United Kingdom, London06/04/2011A thrilling ride into Trafalgar Square with a great bunch of people.
Vatican City, Vatican City15/05/2012Camels and eyes of needles spring to mind.
Wales, Cardiff07/08/2013I won't rate it - it was such a flying visit - but what I saw looked pleasant enough.

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