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Aland Islands In A Nutshell

The Aland Islands are a collection of more than 6,000 flat, sleepy islands between Finland and Sweden. The capital, Mariehamn, is a pretty town and the largest on the islands with a population of just 11,000.

When I Went To The Aland Islands

11th - 12th July 2013. I was there for less than 24 hours and so I can only comment on what little I saw.

Where I Went

Aland Islands' Scenery

Expect plenty of woods and lakes, the occasional little harbour and very little else.

Aland Islands' Road Quality

Excellent. Many of the main roads also have cycle paths. There's a network of smaller tracks. I've no idea of the condition of those.

Aland Islands' Accommodation & Costs

Apart from an uncomfortable half-night in the Langnas ferry terminal portacabin (I was kicked out when it closed at half three in the morning) I didn't stay over and so I don't know the prices. I'd imagine campsites, of which there are a several, would be the same price as Sweden and Finland, i.e. expensive. It's likely to be €20 for one person and one tent.

Food, like everywhere in Scandanavia, is hellishly expensive. Alcohol was out of the range of my budget.


Swedish is the language but people seem slightly insulted if you ask them if they speak English. Of course they do.

Reasons To Go To The Aland Islands

Peace, novelty value, to break up the ferry ride from Finland to Stockholm. The ferry to Stockholm is duty-free so expect a party.

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