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Belgium In A Nutshell

Belgium is a pleasant if unspectacular place to cycle for a few days. And you need the weather on your side. What is spectacular, however, is the beer. Quite why someone decided to invent Stella Artois in a country with so many tasty beers is a mystery.

When I Went To Belgium

30th April - 4th May 2011

Where I Went

Belgium's Scenery

It's rolling hills in the south - defying the Low Countries label - and flatlands north of Brussels. Lumpier is better for photos. Brussels is pleasant enough to cycle around if you avoid the cobbly bits. Belgium has some very pretty, little towns.

Belgium's Road Quality

The roads are generally good. There are lots of cycle paths although some of these are merely painted on often badly broken pavements, which makes the road preferable. Cycle paths sometimes take you a very long way around a town. The dedicated cycling paths through woods are better but then you've got no places to buy refreshments. Ah well, it could be worse. It could be Russia.

Belgium's Accommodation & Costs

Campsite prices can be variable. My three tented nights cost €3, €10 and €12. All were very pleasant sites. I didn't stay in any hotels.


Dutch in the north, French everywhere else. Luckily, this is one part of the world where everyone seems to speak a dozen languages. With the older folk you can't guarantee that they'll speak English though. They may speak German instead.

Reasons To Go To Belgium

The beer, the beer, chips and mayonnaise and the beer.

What Others Say About Belgium

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We did a 5 day ride over there and loved it. Although when we were there the wind was there all the time. You got the beer right! They have the best beers we had ever tasted. We stayed one evening in a old monastery that had a small bar inside. The barman was well into his beers and we tried a fair few of them that night. Really loved the cycling out there. We will be going back. The people we met were so friendly and helpful. Recommended.

Anonymous (November 2015)

Me and my wife spent our honeymoon cycling around Holland, Belgium and France. The best part of Belgium we found was La Meuse river just south of Namur. It flows all the way into France with a cycle path running all the way along it. There are loads of cheap camp sites right on the route too, and plenty of nice sights to see as well. Great place!

Anonymous (October 2015)

I cycled in Belgium in 2011, basing myself in Bruges. I thought Belgium was a cyclist's paradise (except if you are an enthusiastic climber). Motorists give you plenty of room, there are cycle lanes all over the place and, get this, white vans will stop for you at junctions! I agree about the food and beer. Nowhere better.

Anonymous (August 2014)

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