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Denmark In A Nutshell

The ordinariness of Denmark's countryside is more than made up for by Copenhagen, possibly Europe's most cycle friendly city. It's also nice to be in a Scandinavian country without having to tap up Wonga just to buy a bun.

When I Went To Denmark

23rd - 26th July 2013

Where I Went

Denmark's Scenery

As Denmark is mostly flat, the scenery is hidden unless you are spectacularly tall. The coast road from Helsingor to Copenhagen was pretty though.

Denmark's Road Quality

The roads are fine but you'll hardly ever be on them given the amount of very good cycle paths. The network is second only to that in the Netherlands.

Denmark's Accommodation & Costs

My two campsites, one of which was in the centre of Copenhagen, were €10 and €11.

After the financial horror of Sweden, it was nice to finally be able to afford a beer.


Absolutely every person I talked to spoke excellent English.

Reasons To Go To Denmark

Easy, safe riding, attractive coastline, Copenhagen.

What Others Say About Denmark

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I have done some cycling in Denmark, as I am born and live in Denmark. If anyone would like to go for a very beautiful tour I can really recommend the island of Funen, especially the southern part. From the town of Assens and then follow the coast. There are marked cycling paths all the way. Very easy going. If you like wild camping I suggest getting the book "Overnat i det fri", avaliable at every tourist office around Denmark. This book shows shelters and campsites that are mostly free and many of them are located in the most beautiful places. A must-visit is the most northern part of Funen, called Fyns Hoved (The head of Funen). Recently there has been built a shelter with the most amazing view over the sea. I stayed there one night this summer and really want to go back again.

Marianne (Oct 2014)

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