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Greece In A Nutshell

Despite the likelihood of a soggy pastry overdose, Greece is a great place to cycle whether you stick close to the coast or head inland. The wind might be a problem though.

When I Went To Greece

12th - 29th June 2012. It was boiling.

Where I Went

Greece-specific Issues

Before you go, try to learn the Greek alphabet, both lower and uppercase, or at least carry a cheat sheet. Although most signs have town names in both Greek and Latin script, some of the older, smaller ones don't. If your map is in English and the signs are in Greek you may miss a turning.

Greece's Scenery

Greece is a lumpy bugger. It is 80% mountains, which means that if you can take it you're going to be rewarded with great views. Add into the mix a beautiful coastline and you can't really go wrong.

Greece's Road Quality

Roads are generally good and, when away from the coast, generally quiet.

Greek cars seem to be voice-operated. Drivers provide instruction via their phones. I can't think of any other explanation.

Greece's Accommodation & Costs

Campsites in Greece appear to be limited to the coast. Of the seven I used, the average cost was €8 (ranging from €5 to €10). Hotels averaged €34 (ranging from €20 to €42).


Almost everyone connected to the tourist industry speaks English, and those that don't speak German. Away from the coast you may have to do more miming.

Reasons To Go To Greece

Great views, friendly, laid-back people, because one day you may find a decent pastry.

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