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Hungary In A Nutshell

If it's uninspiring landscapes you're after, look no further than Hungary. Still, it's easy cycling.

When I Went To Hungary

7th - 14th April 2013

Where I Went

Hungary's Scenery

There are supposedly some interesting bits, in the mountains in the north and around Lake Balaton. I didn't see either.

Hungary's Road Quality

Good. Some roads that were clearly suitable for bikes had No Cycling signs but without offering an alternative. The police passed me on one of these roads but didn't stop or shoot me or anything.

Hungary's Accommodation & Costs

The only campsite I used cost €6. Outside of Budapest, hotels averaged €21.


Hungarian is a weird language. German is more useful than English. I used a Hungarian cheat sheet with the most useful words written phonetically based on the audio output of Google Translate. The word for cheese is 'shite'.

Reasons To Go To Hungary

Easy cycling, to ask for a cheeseburger.

What Others Say About Hungary

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You're right that Balaton offers good cycling. I have been a few times - most recently last year.

Brian (August 2014)

The roads out of Budapest to the north are very busy. We travelled along the Vac and God road and the traffic was very intolerant towards us.

DaveFY7 (Apr 2013)

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