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Isle of Man In A Nutshell

If a few days of good weather has been forecast you could do a lot worse than head over to the Isle of Man. It has plenty of bleakly beautiful, desolate moorland. Then roll into Peel and get a kipper butty and an ice cream.

When I Went To The Isle of Man

Loadsa times.

Where I Went

I think I've cycled every road of the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man-specific Issues

Whatever you do, don't come during TT Week (around the first week of June). You won't find any accommodation and you're liable to be squished by a German motorcyclist screaming along on tiny, unfamiliar lanes at 150 mph.

Isle of Man's Scenery

When the weather is nice, the Isle of Man is stunningly beautiful. It's just a pity it doesn't happen very often.

Isle of Man's Road Quality

Roads are good. The issue of motorcyclists during TT Week is a problem, albeit lesser, at any time of year. Many of the roads you'll want to cycle on have got no speed limits. It's a way of thinning the herd.

Isle of Man's Accommodation & Costs

As most of my family live here, I've never had to pay for a campsite or a hotel and so I can't help. Things here at usually more expensive than in the UK.


English. If you want a laugh, go into a shop and ask for something in Manx.

Reasons To Go To The Isle Of Man

Very pretty scenery, kipper butties, Davison's toffee ice cream, to test your new raincoat.

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