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Liechtenstein In A Nutshell

The vast majority of the fifteen minutes you'll spend in Liechtenstein will involve wondering why the hell the country exists at all. In every respect that matters it is basically the dullest canton in Switzerland, and that's up against some serious competition. Its biggest tourist draw is a dentures factory.

The capital Vaduz is as memorable as a book you haven't read.

When I Went To Liechtenstein

7th July 2011, for about 20 minutes

Where I Went

Liechtenstein's Scenery

Its own scenery is rubbish. The nice things you can see are in Switzerland or Austria.

Liechtenstein's Road Quality

Excellent, but then again you'd expect that of one of the richest countries in the world.

Liechtenstein's Accommodation & Costs

I mistakenly bought a kebab that cost about a tenner. Luckily I didn't stop over.


Swiss German. Don't worry. You won't be there long enough to communicate.

Reasons To Go To Liechtenstein

To get from Austria to Switzerland, or vice versa, to tick off yet another dream on your dentures-related bucket list.

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