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Lithuania In A Nutshell

After the often fast traffic of Poland it's nice to hit Lithuania and feel things slow down. As well as the other attractions it shares with the other Baltic States it has a lovely capital and even a die-hard atheist will marvel at the Hill of Crosses.

When I Went To Lithuania

30th May - 7th June 2013

Where I Went

Lithuania's Scenery

Like the other Baltic States but not as many trees. Still a lot of trees.

Lithuania's Road Quality

As good as roads need to be and quiet (although not everyone agrees - see comments below). Roads around Vilnius are more hectic.

Lithuania's Accommodation & Costs

If money is hard to come by, Lithuania is a good destination. The two campsites I stayed at averaged €4 (ranging from €3 to €5). The three hotels outside of Vilnius averaged €21 (ranging from €17 to €28).

Out of Vilnius, restaurant food is very cheap. A meal of cold beetroot soup served with a bowl of fried potatoes followed by herring, mushroom and potato and then meat and potato pancakes with a couple of pints came to less than €8.


Although most people connected with tourism spoke English, not all of them did. Older people's second language is Russian.

You might find it useful to know that although 'hotel' or something similar is used in almost all languages around Europe, in Lithuanian a hotel is a 'viesbutis'.

Reasons To Go To Lithuania

Pleasant, quiet roads, cost, a chance to see a piece of the former USSR, the Hill of Crosses, weird 'beer snacks' like dried squid and pigs' ears, to try to discover why every bowl of cold soup is served with a dish of hot potatoes.

What Others Say About Lithuania

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Wow, I can't believe you found the roads quiet. I have cycled around Europe and found Lithuania to be the most dangerous place I have ever cycled with numerous near misses.

Anonymous (August 2014)

Loved Lithuania. Great beer, beautiful women and it didn't get any better. Visited Vilnius, Siauliai and saw the magnificient Hill of Crosses.

Len Demoss (August 2014)

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