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Monaco In A Nutshell

Monaco isn't so much a touring option as an oddity to tick off and then escape westwards into lovely Provence or eastwards to the equally attractive Piedmont.

When I Went To Monaco

24th April 2012

Where I Went

Monaco's Scenery

There's a harbour with some big boats in it. Now back on your bike!

Monaco's Road Quality

Stunning. Their tunnels have roundabouts inside. Mental!

Monaco's Accommodation & Costs

Ha! I didn't stop. TripAdvisor tells me that a night at the Hotel de Paris will cost you €522.


Given its international nature, I'd have thought you'll be alright with English.

Reasons To Go To Monaco

To weep either jealously or at how the 1% choose to splash their cash, to blow a fiver in the casino (better bring a change of clothes).

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