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Montenegro In A Nutshell

Forgotten, little Montenegro is usually a good punt for a decent answer on Pointless. It shouldn't be this obscure. It has possibly the most stunning road I've ever cycled on and I've heard its coast is equally amazing.

When I Went To Montenegro

27th - 29th August 2012

Where I Went

Montenegro's Scenery

While the south is forgettable, as is the capital, Podgorica, the route north from Niksic through the Piva Gorge and on into Bosnia is mindblowingly beautiful. The road twists and turns through a series of tunnels (more on these in a minute) with high mountains on both sides.

Montenegro's Road Quality

The roads themselves are fine but if you attempt the Piva Gorge route make sure you have very powerful bike lights. None of the tunnels (of which there were dozens) had lighting. Some were several hundred metres long and, just so that you couldn't rely on the light at the end of the tunnel, had a bend in the middle. My own lights were useless. It was absolutely pitch black inside. In many of the tunnels there was a ditch dug at the side of the road down which I frequently fell while pushing my bike. Traffic was very light.

Montenegro's Accommodation & Costs

My two hotels averaged €30 (one €20 and one €40, although the more expensive one was in the capital).


Hotel staff spoke English. No one else seemed to. I'm not aware of any Montenegrin language courses.

Reasons To Go To Montenegro

Stunning scenery is the only reason you need.

What Others Say About Montenegro

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The southern side of Lake Skadar is a fantastic stretch of single track road. There are lovely views from the mountainside and it's very picturesque.

DaveFY7 (Mar 2013)

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