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Norway In A Nutshell

Norway is supposedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I was only there for a day and saw little more than Oslo and trees and so I'll need the help of others for a worthwhile opinion. One thing I did learn was that it was eye-bleedingly expensive.

When I Went To Norway

18th - 19th July 2013

Where I Went

Norway's Scenery

The west coast is legendary. I didn't reach the west coast. The middle bit was pleasant enough.

Norway's Road Quality


Norway's Accommodation & Costs

My only night in Norway was spent wild-camping. I was told the country was more expensive than Sweden. That certainly seemed to be the case in supermarkets.


Almost everyone speaks English.

Reasons To Go To Norway

Scenery, fjords, if you want to make things easier when taking part in one of those Brewster's Millions-style challenges.

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