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Poland In A Nutshell

Poland is a large country and I only saw its north-east, but that was pretty. The roads and driving felt very English, and I don't mean that in any way complimentary.

When I Went To Poland

23rd - 30th May 2013

Where I Went

Poland's Scenery

The east of Poland is flat, which doesn't make for great scenery but the woods and lakes around Pisz were attractive.

Poland's Road Quality

Polish roads have the same flaws as British ones: Decent shoulders are in short supply and if a road is narrow it is sure to have unnecessary traffic islands to push the cars even closer to the edge. Cycle lanes are often very British too, disappearing just when you need them the most. Also like the UK, drivers come too close for comfort. There are frequent No Cycling signs but without any alternatives. Trying to penetrate Warsaw from the east isn't a pleasant experience.

Poland's Accommodation & Costs

Poland is a relatively cheap destination. My two campsites averaged €4 (€3 and €5). My two freely chosen hotels averaged €27 (€24 and €29) but my real average was inflated by having to duck into a posh place out in the sticks during a persistent monsoon, and my hotel in Warsaw on a day that saw opportunists upping their prices because Beyonce was in town.

Restaurant prices are very reasonable. Beer is cheap.


Everyone in tourism spoke English but, given its proximity, German is probably useful too.

Reasons To Go To Poland

Cost, history, pleasant lakes, to confirm that the UK doesn't have a monopoly on badly designed roads.

What Others Say About Poland

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Me and my wife cycled through Poland in 2012, entering from Lithuania and bypassing Warsaw to the east on minor roads, then following the Wisla (again on minor roads in the main) to Krakow. We had a wonderful time and found no problems with the roads whatsoever. (I used Michelin 1:300,000 paper map) and the precise route is here. En route through Poland we were also treated to marvellous hospitality. If we weren't able to find a campsite, I often asked in small villages if there was 'anywhere nearby' to put up our tent for the night. On all occasions we were shown to a place, and on several we were invited to camp in people's gardens or even stay in their houses. I've toured in many places throughout Europe and Poland (along with Hungary, Serbia, and Turkey) is 'right up there!' :-)

John (Sept 2014)

I rode through Poland in summer 2013. I did not enjoy riding there because many of the rural roads ended and then I'd be forced to backtrack and ride a main highway with non-stop truck traffic, all coming way too close. Rode then to Oswiecim to visit Auschwitz. I camped at this fantastic place in Oswiecim, Center for Meditation and Prayer, big grassy area next to the main building (rooms were available) for only $10 USD a night with shower facilities. There was free WiFi inside the main building as well as restaurant. Great place to camp!

Len DeMoss (August 2014)

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