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Serbia In A Nutshell

Western Serbia is flat with unspectacular scenery. The small part I saw in the south (near Kosovo) was much prettier, especially around Lake Vlasina. Belgrade is worth a visit although getting in wasn't particularly enjoyable.

When I Went To Serbia

2nd - 6th September 2012

Where I Went

Serbia's Scenery

Dull in the west, but flat, easy cycling. Pleasant hills and lakes in the south.

Serbia's Road Quality

As good as they need to be.

The roads into Belgrade were fast and thick with traffic. This was one of the few capitals in which I got off and pushed.

Serbia's Accommodation & Costs

Food and drink were pleasantly cheap. The four hotels I used averaged €23 (ranging €15 to €28).


Some people spoke English. I would imagine that among the older generation German and Russian would be more useful.

Reasons To Go To Serbia

Belgrade, cost, scenery if you pick the right bit.

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