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Slovenia In A Nutshell

Slovenia has moved on from Yugoslavia more than any of its other former members. Despite this, it still feels very rural and has some remarkably attractive countryside.

When I Went To Slovenia

10th - 12th September 2012

Where I Went

Slovenia's Scenery

Although I didn't see them on this trip, the Julian Alps in the north east of the country are utterly gorgeous. The rest of the country is more about rolling hills and is also very pretty.

Slovenia's Road Quality

Not bad at all.

Slovenia's Accommodation & Costs

Slovenia's growing economy and membership of the Eurozone means that it's more expensive than the other former Yugo states. My two hotels averaged €35.


A lot of younger people speak English. The older generation is more likely to speak German.

Reasons To Go To Slovenia

The Julian Alps, scenery in general, Ljubljana

What Others Say About Slovenia

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I spent a week cycling in north-eastern Slovenia in June 2014. I thought the quality of roads was good. The drivers I encountered gave plenty of space when overtaking. I felt so safe, I tended to ride without a helmet (which I never do in the UK). The east of Slovenia is rolling countryside. The beautiful Jeruzalem wine growing region is hilly (something to consider if carrying luggage). Take a good map and a compass and you will find it very hard to get lost. Road signs are very good. There are plenty of small villages dotted about, but there is not always somewhere to refuel. Carrying a packed lunch is a good idea. That said, when you find a restaurant you will be very well fed indeed. Cuisine is very 'Teutonic'. Avoid the place if you are a vegetarian. Beer and wine are great! If you like honey, you will love Slovenia. They almost worship it. In one guest house I stayed in, you could help yourself to slices of honeycomb and chew it. You swallow the honey and spit out the wax. If you enjoy spas, you will like north-east Slovenia. I found the people welcoming and friendly. No-one expects you to speak Slovene but those over 35-40 will prefer to speak German; those under 35-40, English. I loved it.

Anonymous (August 2014)

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