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Cycling in Switzerland

Switzerland In A Nutshell

There are far more scenic bits to Switzerland than what I saw but it was all very pleasant nonetheless. If you find yourself in Zurich and are trying to find ways to save money, I recommend the Moulagenmuseum, basically a skin disease and rotten knob exhibition. You won't want any dinner after that.

When I Went To Switzerland

7th - 15th July 2011
24th - 29th July 2011

Where I Went

Switzerland's Scenery

The images you have in your head for Switzerland didn't encroach upon my east to west journey but Zurich and Lucerne are pretty cities.

Switzerland's Road Quality

Very good. There are some great cycle paths too.

Switzerland's Accommodation & Costs

Expense forced me to camp all the way. Of the five sites I used, the average was 13 (ranging from 10 to 17).

Food and drink, even in supermarkets, were expensive. The prices weren't Scandinavian but they were the highest ones in Europe outside of the aforementioned northern dangly region.


In a country that has four official languages, it's a bit rich to expect anyone to speak another one on top of that but many, especially the young, speak English too.

Reasons To Go To Switzerland

It's got some great scenery but nothing that the countries around it haven't got for a more reasonable amount of money.

Your Opinions & Questions

Have you cycled in Switzerland? Tell me what you think and I'll include your comments here. Also, if you have a blog, web site or Facebook page that includes an account of your trip, send me the URL and I'll include a link below. Include your name if you want your comment to be attributed to you. Or do you have a question about Switzerland? Ask me and if I can answer it I'll add the information to the page.


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