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NEW FOR 2019! I'm currently in the process of updating this site after my 2018 ride across Europe. You can read more about that in my new book, Biking Broken Europe.

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Please Donate

Below are the three charities that I'm supporting. I think it's important to point out that every penny or cent you donate goes directly to the charity you choose. It does not pass through me. The ride (and this website) is and always was funded by myself.

Blood Pressure UK

I am supporting Blood Pressure UK (formerly The Blood Pressure Association) for the simple reason that in 2009 I very nearly died as a result of a high blood pressure-induced brain haemorrhage. I'm still on medication. Approximately one in three of us has high blood pressure and many of us don't even know. For the majority of people high blood pressure is entirely symptomless although it can lead to a stroke, heart disease or kidney failure and hence the reason that it is called the 'silent killer'. Even if you don't donate, please just get your blood pressure checked today. It might save your life.

Please click this link to make a donation via JustGiving!

Action for Animals

Action for Animals is a tiny charity started by my partner, Nina, in 1997, based in the UK and Spain, supporting animal rescue projects around the world. I'm a trustee of the Spanish organisation. Donations can be made via PayPal by clicking the not very obvious link below:


OUSET supports less well off students and helps to fund their education via The Open University. It could be the difference that turns a life around. Donations can be made via PayPal by clicking the not very obvious link below:

Please support this site and have a good read...