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Steven Primrose-Smith
in Minsk, Belarus

(Yes, I know my
eyebrows are weird.)


Hello, I'm Steven. Pleased to meet you. Between March 2011 and August 2013 I cycled 22,000 miles (35,500 km) between 52* capital cities and in 53 countries of Europe. At the same time I studied for a couple of degrees with The Open University and University of Wales, Trinity Saint David and raised money for three charities: Blood Pressure UK, Action for Animals and OUSET. It was bloody amazing.

The ride was also a gastronomic extravaganza. I munched my way through eels, sausages that smelled of poo, lung and spleen stew, a sheep's intestine sandwich, testicles, a brain, a handful of maggots and a marmot.

My adventure is sadly over but I learnt a lot and so I decided to throw this knowledge out there for anyone else who wants to cycle (and perhaps cycle-study) around Europe. It's all to the left - under Cycling Info By Country. I'd also love to absorb into these pages any comments I receive from you to make this site more useful over time and not limited solely to the route I took and the experience I had. All comments are gratefully received.

I've written a book about my journey - No Place Like Home, Thank God - and it's available now from Amazon. Buying my book supports this site and maybe if I can sell enough copies I might even be able to afford to go on another huge bike ride in the future. I'd like that. Though I'm not sure the marmots would.

Best wishes,

* The site is called UniCycle50 because when I set off I only intended to visit fifty capitals. I added some more on along the way.

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